Rosés and Wolf Database on Regional GDP : (v6, 2020)

The Rosés-Wolf database on regional GDP provides data on the economic development of European regions at the level of NUTS-2 regions for the years 1900 - 2015. It contains information of nominal GDP (in 1990 and 2011 PPP), population, area, and on sector-level employment shares. The first version of the data was constructed by a team of researchers based on national historical statistics: Marc Badia-Miró, Erik Buyst, Kerstin Enflo, Emanuele Felice, Frank Geary, Jordi Guilera, Kari Anne Janisse, Peter Sandholt Jensen, Herman de Jong, Martin Henning, Alexander Klein, Julio Martínez-Galarraga, Jørgen Modalsli, Cristina Victoria Radu, Joan Ramon Rosés, Teresa Sanchis, Lennart Schön (†), Max-Stephan Schulze, Paul Richard Sharp, Tom Stark, Dirk Stelder (†), Daniel A. Tirado, Ulrich Woitek, Nikolaus Wolf, and Gabriela Wüthrich.


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